Get more control over your event attendance by linking your custom registration and housing systems. Managing a hotel block can be complex and requires constant oversight to ensure availability and limit access to registered attendees only.

  • Custom Designed Housing System
  • Pre-Convention Housing Management
  • Onsite and Post-Convention Housing Management

Custom Designed Housing System

Provide registrants the ability to seamlessly add their hotel reservation at the same time they register with our custom housing system. When integrated with our registration system, we can help ensure attendees are registered before being able to book their room. This ensures that hotel rooms are available for registered attendees – and not those who want the conference rate without paying for a registration.


  • Customized web page graphics
  • Pictures, floorplans, and descriptions of suites and guestrooms
  • Ability to display multiple hotel inventories and rates
  • Integration with registration including pre-population of attendee contact information
  • Comprehensive statistical, financial, and historical reports designed based on your precise needs

Pre-Convention Housing Management

Hotel blocks require daily monitoring and adjustments. Managing the room block within the registration and housing system provides more control. This integrated system allows us to determine which attendees still need to make a reservation so that we can reach out to assist them. We also have the ability to hold rooms for exhibitors and suites for VIPs outside of the public block.


  • First point-of-contact for all phone and e-mails pertaining to housing
  • Assist attendees to change and cancel hotel reservations
  • Management of hotel blocks
  • Manage VIP reservations and hotel blocks, including exhibitor sub-blocks
  • Manage client staff reservations and billing

Onsite and Post-Convention Housing Management

Our team proactively works with the hotel to ensure they are appropriately staffed for your event. To provide the best experience for your VIPs, we check their suites prior to their arrival and welcome them personally. To help keep your profits high, we also review all masterbill charges for accuracy, provide day-by-day analysis of room block pickup, and make recommendations to improve next year's block.


  • Onsite management of hotel check-in
  • Pre-walk VIP reservations
  • Review hotel masterbill housing section
  • Collect all hotel rebates for association